What is This?

A C++/Qt-5 application developed targeting multiple goals like... to link dreams & events, to test Qt/C++ idioms, to teach & learn, to test third-party APIs, and more ...


Coding, patching, commenting, code review, feature request ...


Dreams or Visions are uncommon sources of data that can potentially lead to breakthroughs in different fields... DREAM RECORDER proposes an intuitive and modular design to transform those data into actionable knowledge. Moreover, vice versa, DREAM RECORDER will organize and register your experimental results on dream/vision induction...


To Run:

* Linux or Windows

* C++11/Qt 5 runtime {included in the Windows version, in Linux you must use the package manager}

* Download, Install/Unzip & Run

To Contribute: [fundamentals of:]

* Object Oriented Programming

* Algorithms & Data Structures

* C++/Qt development


Copyright 2014-2017 Foundation


Data Exporter Text Editor Fancy Extension

Media Viewer Map Context

State of the App

Version 3.3 Release Download [Linux x64 GCC Qt 5.6 ]

See Main Features, plus;

  • Print Support
  • Recent files list
  • Editors: Node, Relations, Events, Context
  • Lab: Spellchecker, Twitter Search, Javascript

As the application has reached a maturity state, the current proposals are about a code rewrite (related to code debt), enhancements in the fancy extension, the use of more powerful libraries, and so on.

Dev Log


The screenshot shows the DreamRecorder v4. However, we have jumped from v4 to Dream Recorder v5, that is, a more generic and powerful recording application... coming soon...


Copyright 2014-2017 Foundation