What is This?

[ATM] Dream Recorder V it's a generic recording application, usage examples ranges from; as an outfits organizer (video-games), to keep track of any static assets like parts, vehicles, books; and so on ...
related to: Office/Google Forms, and the like ...
Technically, this is a Qt/C++ Multiplatform Desktop Application using different abstraction levels to achieve it's goals; independence from, the operating system, the visual data presentation, views, UI design,...


Coding, patching, commenting, code review, feature request ...


Keep track of valuable data in a structured approach. Moreover, a powerful search it's included so, you can reach your files as fast as you type...
* Low memory/cpu footprint
* Local content (vs an Online approach)


To Run:

* Linux | Windows

* C++11/Qt 5 runtime

* Download, Unzip & Run (* see below)

To Contribute: [fundamentals of:]

* Object Oriented Programming

* Algorithms & Data Structures

* C++/Qt development

(*)On Windows you must download the c++11 runtime to be ale to run this app.[https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads]
Linux users must have a working copy ofthe Qt5.3 runtime and the GNU-Cpp 4.9 at least.


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V Editors

State of the App

Version 5 0.1(unstable) Download [Linux x64 GCC 4.9 Qt 5.3 ]

Dev Log


Twitter Search and Data Buckets / Analysis...


Copyright 2014-2017 Foundation