What is This?

KDL Data selection, preprocessing, transformation, visualization, modeling and evaluation software provides an integrated powerful toolset. Use it for data cleaning, advanced data visualization & forecasting.


Coding, patching, commenting, code review, ...

* www.bitbucket.com/cleavear

* www.gitHub.com/mabc10


Contribution experience, coding experience, get involved in the field of Machine Learning and related areas ...

Requirements to develop

It is desirable that you have experience working with:

* Linux

* C++/Qt

* Object Oriented Programming

* Functional programming

* OpenGL/3D Meshes & Animation

* Algorithms & Data Structures

* Math for CS

* Machine Learning (or related fields)

* Willing to deal with large projects


We are not experts in all those areas, we are stating that it is desirable that you know about those areas so you can help to develop components/modules in the schedule.
If you are trying to learn C++/Qt from the beginning, we have smaller open-source applications that can be useful to learn the common building blocks in a C++/Qt application (widgets & qml).
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